Take Your First Test

After creating your first Patient Profile, Reflex will be ready to take a test. The first test of a new Patient Profile is always a baseline unless switched to Normal by you. Hold your iPad or iPhone up to the eye, align it up with the cutout, and tap the circular start button. Baselining is a great way to see what’s changed from an initial state to monitor therapies, track progression, and support diagnosis from a normal state. Reflex Pro users can also chart immersive data on the iPad.

Automated Detections with Reflex Pro

Reflex Pro users have a state-of-the-art feature in pupillometry, Automated Detection of pupillometric abnormalities. After a test, Reflex Pro will work in the background to determine if Anisocoria, Miosis, Mydriasis, Alpha-Omega Pupil, or Tonic Pupil was detected using our clinically validated detection models. If any are detected then Reflex Pro will present you with red text indicating the detected state. New detections and test methods are being added constantly and we will update you via email when they’re released.