Reimbursement Procedures and Best Practices for Quantitative Pupillometry

Reimbursement Procedures and Best Practices for Quantitative Pupillometry DEVON GASTON DC | MS | DACNB Basis of Evaluation: Utilizing the pupillary light reflex is an invaluable tool to assess for autonomic function testing. This is because the pupillary constrictor muscle is innervated by CNIII, which also responds to sympathetic responses ...

Autonomic innervation and the pupillary light reflex for Functional Neurology practices.

What does using the pupillary light reflex in your practice mean for Functional Neurologists? The pupillary light reflex and autonomic innervation has a long-standing history for medical personnel to rapidly gauge brain injury and impairment. We all know this even if we don’t recognize it. When a fictitious person is ...

SaaS Reflex Product Provides Objective Concussion Data In Seconds

Elevating the standard of care, brightlamp’s patented mobile technology platform unlocks the diagnostic power of the pupil for physicians (including optometrists, ophthalmologists, and primary care) as well as nurses, athletic trainers and clinical researchers. INDIANAPOLIS – Capturing objective data in about five seconds that can aid concussion diagnoses through ...

Patent Acquired

Brightlamp has been issued it’s patent for novel pupillometery acquisition methods to be used in neurocognitive correlations. Marking it the first ever patent to conduct pupillary analysis on a mobile device, no additional hardware.

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